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On this side they are informed about all changes of the "Parkasite". New products, price adjustments ......
  Update News
  • The payment with Bitcoins was successfully introduced. I also accept the Coin Monero. For other coins like Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin or Zcash I reserve the variable decision. The Bitcoin address I send after the order confirmation.
  • In February / March, the EU Directives of the General Data Protection Regulation will be implemented.
  • For information: Newsletter, Cookies, Tracker etc. were never implemented in the Parkasite. Also, customer data was never sold to other service companies. The data storage served exclusively the record and storage period to the tax office. An appropriate information request form is already in preparation and will be added. As practiced for years, a price quote on my part is binding for 8 days. Thereafter, the entire e-mail correspondence in the wastebasket for safe emptying, should not be the purchase contract of the respective requested product Conclusion.
  • If the parkasite is still affected by the censorship of Facebook or Youtube, the account can be accessed at The address of Rutube follows ...
  • Update products und product photos
  • The address or is still available as usual and can be reached.
    The address or will move to another server in the next few weeks / months. Should it come to reachability failures, this will be the reason.
  • new the button for easier navigation in all product pages
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